Why evil exists ? Why can't God destroy the hell ?

"The Beginning" is when/ where there is 'nothing'. Nothingness is the purest or the primary form of existence. If there is something, it must have originated from 'nothing'; otherwise, there would not be anything. Similarly, everything that is made has its opposite in this universe, which is the sole reason for the existence of creation.

Why evil exists ? Why can't God destroy the hell ?

If you are looking for a location or state of mind where there is no Hell, Satan, or temptation, then you are looking at "The Beginning," which is a location where there is "nothing". If there is something,' then it must have originated from 'nothing'; otherwise, there would not be anything. In a similar vein, everything that is made has its opposite in this universe, which is the sole reason for the existence of creation. 
In Hindu mythology, there is a story of how Thridev, which refers to the ultimate gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara, decides to start the creation of Earth and Humans along with other living things. They contacted all of the divine beings and demonic beings that existed in the cosmos and inquired about the characteristics that a human should have in order to function properly in the living world.
The response came from the King of the Devas, Devendra, who spoke on behalf of all the Devas and stated that humans should only be able to possess 'dev gun' or godly qualities and that only the Devas should be permitted to manage and influence humanity. He claimed that there is no need for asuras in this universe at all. The third member of the Trinity, Lord Shiva, responded to this by asking, "How can you evaluate the Dev Gun or Godly quality?" How would you describe the exquisiteness of your heavenly home? If there is no such thing as "wrong," then how can one tell the difference between something that is "right" and something that is "wrong"? How are you even qualified to speak about perfection if there is nothing in the world that is imperfect? He added that because you (the devas) define what it means to be a "Deva" solely based on the presence of "Asuras" in this universe, you both are the only ones who have any kind of existence in it.
As a result, the Trinity came to the conclusion that it would be best to create humans independent of the influence of angels and demons, and they also decided to build a planet for humans that struck an ideal balance between all of the competing forces and energy of the universe.
Because we are all created by the supreme God of the Universe, the seeds of God's wisdom are present within each and every one of us. This is the reason why we all have a strong feeling that power in the highest order is in control of everything, and no one needs to teach us about the feeling of being 'full' of love and 'emptied' by hate. If you have an intense yearning for Heaven, then it is because you gained knowledge about hell that you had this want in the first place. Because you have experienced some of the anguish and misery that hatred may bring, you are able to love and have mercy on other people. Can you possibly get anything right if you have no idea what you're doing wrong?
In this human world, Satan and Hell are products of our own imagination. Having free will makes it impossible for humans to avoid being tempted. The human being is able to tell the difference between what is good and what is evil while also having complete control over the decisions that they make. These are questions we as humans can ask because, unlike every other living thing on this planet, we can detect the differences. The contrasts between what is good and what is wicked are what we mean when we talk about Heaven and hell. The risky decisions we make are what some people refer to as "Satanic Temptations." God created humans and a world fit for them, and humans went on to make everything else in this world. And if we find a flaw in one of our inventions, we just point the finger at God and feel better about ourselves!!

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