Remedies – A true insight.

Remedies – A true insight, Does it really work

Remedies – A true insight.

Remedies have been practised since ancient times. The classical books on astrology like BPHS, Phaladipika etc., have mentioned remedies. However, let's try to achieve the proper perspective about this much accepted and much-debated topic in astrology.

Astrology is a science that deals with different aspects of life. It deals with the ways of life, the twist and turns and, of course, the purpose of life. As human beings, the physical we perceive but to sense the metaphysical, we need to be more sensitive. The planets influence us whether we are aware or not. The seven planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn) are in the physical plane. But Rahu and Ketu ( shadow Planets ) influence the Karmic plane. They work in a way on the much-popular Ying yang principle. Rahu shows extreme attachment, aggressive nature, impulsive decisions, workaholic nature, and intense desires. Rahu nurtures spirituality for the material plane (religious). On the other hand, Ketu can show detachment and passiveness and enhance your genuine spirituality, as your soul requires. Rahu and Ketu influence you and the planets based on your actions or, in the broader sense, your karmic baggage.

Now usually, remedies are performed to appease the planets. Remedies are believed to nullify or reduce the negative influence of the planet if any. But does it work? Remedies in astrology were carefully curated by yogis and spiritual gurus of the yore. They subtly incorporated the practices into the life of people depending on their local customs and traditions, which would bring gradual change in a person's life. It was the best way for that specific period.

 E.g.:- one of the most popular remedies was Annadaanam (offering food), especially to a Brahmin. It was a good practice when the caste system was relevant ( each caste performed a specific work for the smooth functioning of society). Brahmins were usually priests and did tasks pertinent to the upliftment of people spiritually who were not paid for it. So feeding a Brahmin who stands for a noble cause was spiritually accepted, and this act would enhance the individual. But today, providing for the needy would be much more appropriate than choosing a specific class. Still, if your heart bears pride while performing the act and you are not humbled, does it make any difference in the karmic level and, in turn, in the mystical influence? 

Surya namaskar is relevant even today due to its physical and spiritual benefits. The health benefits of Surya namaskar are scientifically proven. 

At the spiritual level, Sun represents ego or self-esteem. The action of bowing down ( to the Sun), especially when the day begins, instil humility in a person, balancing the individual and refraining from being egoistic. Again if the individual performs it as a mere act without imbibing the concept or without being open to change will it work?

Visiting the temple of Shani ( Saturn) may have an impact. But people with the negative influence of Saturn should refrain from insulting their elders, whatever the situation might be. If the individual visits the temple and, at the same time, his actions are not justifiable, then what is the purpose.

So we must realise that we are individuals with mind, body and soul, and each has its karmic role. The realisation of the negatives, self - analysis and appropriate action by the individual rectifies the negativity. For every action, there is a consequence—even our thoughts. If it changes the individual, performing remedies like poojas, havans, or related rituals ( virtual one available now!!) can be considered. But does it work? Well, judge for yourself.

So self-analysis and the decision to change would be the best practice. Change is required in the Karmic plane. Incorporating healthy routines that align your body, mind, and soul is highly recommendable. Meditation, yoga etc., can support the overall balancing of yourself. The decision and the tenacity depend on the individual; the rest are just supportive systems that may or may not work. Don't underestimate the power of self. It can alter your life forever, no matter how bad the planetary influence may be or how bad the situation might seem.

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