Punarvasu Nakshatra Born Female

Punarvasu is one specific kind of nakshatra where the Moon becomes vargottam (punarvasu in Cancer Rashi) in its own sign.

Punarvasu Nakshatra Born Female

Punarvasu is one specific kind of nakshatra where the Moon becomes vargottam and at the same time enters into a state of Pushkar Navamsa (punarvasu in Cancer Rashi) in its own sign. A vargottam moon in its own sign gives a person a tremendous level of mental strength. A female born in such a sign needs to know that she will be undergoing a time where her limits will be checked. But a lunar mansion (nakshatra) with the greatest benefic Jupiter as nakshatra lord and Mercury (Punarvasu, Pada 1,2 and 3) and Motherly planet Moon (Punarvasu, Pada 4) as Rashi lords is something of a great combination. So punarvasu is indeed a great nakshatra. But as you know greatness is not something which can be easily purchased, it needs to be earned.

Lord Sri Ram is known for Maryada Purushottam character. He was born in Punarvasu nakshatra in Cancer Rashi. We all know the story of this person through epic Ramayana, Even being a great King, it was not an easy life for him and at times he had to take some hardest decisions and choices in life. it will not be an easy life for anyone in this yuga if imitate a life like Sri Ram. A female in this nakshatra though will be a person with great quality, attraction and character; will feel some kind of loneliness and detachment in family (Married) life as the 7th lord from Moon is Saturn.

Any person born in Purnarvasu, especially in the Cancer sign, will see a life where a great depression sometime during mid-life and returning to life back with all the great honour with courage and mental strength (not possible if Moon is afflicted). Return of light is the motto of Punarvasu Nakshatra and return means, something (valuable) left from your side which is coming back. This is the one nakshatra which tells us that, losing something is the motivation to gain many things. And a female will definitely go through the tests of this nakshatra a ‘bit’ in personal and ‘more’ in married life. Male natives born in this nakshatra, especially in the last pada will feel most of its pain and gain character. Female natives will only face challenges related to the 7th house of marriage.

Natives born in Punarvasu, Vishaka and Purvabadrapada nakshatras (Especially male natives) usually face a very hard time of 7 yrs during Ketu Mahadasha. Females born in Punarvasu also feel the heat of this period by seeing many losses but will see a glorious period after that during the next Venus Mahadasha if they are mentally prepared to face the Ketu Dasha properly.

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