Marriage Compatibility and Understanding Your Spouse

Marriage Compatibility and Understanding Your Spouse

Marriage Compatibility and Understanding Your Spouse

Understanding About Spouse and Marriage Compatibility is an important matter in Indian traditions. The number of traditional ‘arranged marriages in India is decreasing and a question naturally coming up in people’s minds is, Do we need to check for compatibility in the case of ‘love marriage’?. In my opinion, a compatibility check is not needed for a couple who is already in a relationship. They are compatible with each other and that is the reason they are in a relationship.

In Vedic Astrology, there is multiple logic used to check for compatibility. Porutham or Dashakoot is used in Kerala, almost a similar method is used in Tamil Nadu and the other South Indian States. AshtaKoot Guna Milan method is used in North India.

In South India, compatibility is further checked by Janam Kundali which is considered far more superior than just checking birth nakshatra of female and male as seen in dashakoot or ashtakoot matching. This check is known as paapa samyam where the weightage of malefic planets is calculated carefully in both birth horoscopes. An equal weight means the couple can get along with each other during challenges and stress. A similar check known as dasha sandhi is also carried out where a maha dasha transition is checked as the transition period of a maha dasha (last 1 year period of a maha dasha) is generally considered stressful and is not recommended for a marriage relation. Both Paapa samyam and dasha sandhi are checked alongside dashakoot or porutham for more clarity.

A birth chart analysis of the couple is the best option when it comes to compatibility and matters related to the spouse. An Astrologer will be able to closely analyze the 7th house, 7th lord, Venus and Jupiter, Navamsa or D-9 chart, and optionally saptamsa or D-7 chart

A proper analysis can give you an idea about the Spouse’s general character, health, and other matters that may impact the marriage union.

Matters related to relationship, love, Marriage, and Sex are connected with the 7th house, 7th lord, and Venus in a birth chart. Sage Parashara in his Brihat Parasha Hora Shastra, mentioned an important point regarding the 7th house. According to him, the 7th house without any planet is better. Since the 7th house is known as the Maraka house or killer house, a planet positioned in that house may become a Maraka Grha or a killer planet for that person.

Venus is the significator of Marriage and if this planet is situated in the 7th house, it will only destroy matters related to marriage. Venus will tend to ‘overdo’ things. Or in other words, expectations of the person from their spouse will be high and over the years the relationship may get strained.

Mars is a well-known planet that stands against marriage. Mars when afflicting the 7th house of a person, will for sure bring some disharmony to their relationship. But there is another villain who is capable to bring separation and divorce, and it is Sun. In Modern days, the ego is ‘the villain’ in relationships and so an afflicted Sun in connection with the 7th house is capable to cause more damage than Mars, Ketu, or Saturn.

So marriage compatibility in Vedic astrology is one of the best tools to understand ourselves and our spouse, which in turn will help us to mould and adjust ourselves for better harmony in married life.

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