Confidence, Diffidence, Optimism, and Pessimism

Confidence, Diffidence, Optimism, and Pessimism

Author: Shaan Paliath | Created: 2022-06-28 10:49:34 | Views: 1045

Confidence, Diffidence, Optimism, and Pessimism come from the mind and the Moon plays a big role here. Now comes the action. Even if you have that moral courage, you may sometimes lack that physical courage. So a positive and strong Moon needs enough support from other planets.

If you are looking for yogas or planetary combinations, then you will find plenty of them. But the functionality of these yoga combinations depends on many other factors such as planetary strength, benefic aspects, Planet’s placements in friendly signs or own signs. Optimized utilization of Kendra and Trikon houses etc.

Just know the role of certain houses and planets then it will become an easy task for you to identify the level of negativity in a person’s character, how much moral and physical courage he/she can show, and how much confidence is there, and if it is over or under.

Sun is full of confidence but there is Ego

Mars is full of energy and courage but can act without a second thought

Rahu is ambitious but can be over-ambitious and break a social law

Saturn is full of Karmic energy and is steady but can be slow in actions

So as you see here, every planet is doing something towards the matter related to the confidence and courage of a person. Just need to check whether these planets are overdoing and making it worse

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For Example, the influence of a strong Mars over the Lagna usually makes the person courageous. But if Saturn is not balancing or limiting Mars’s influence, then the person may land in some trouble due to Mars’s actions. Similarly, Mars can balance Saturn’s slow, lazy, and ‘backbench’ attitude.

If you can see such a balance or imbalance in one’s birth chart, then it is easy for you to judge the person’s confidence level and general attitude.

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