All About Sagittarius Ascendant-born Man

When a male is born with the Sagittarius ascendant, he will have a philosophical mind and be wise...

All About Sagittarius Ascendant-born Man

The Sign of Sagittarius holds a unique position in the Zodiac because it is the Bagya sthana, also known as the natural house of Fortune (the 9th house), and Jupiter, the most beneficent planet, is the planet that rules this Sign. When a male is born with the Sagittarius ascendant, he will have a philosophical mind and be wise. They have a positive attitude toward life and believe that good things will happen to them. Even though they enjoy the company of their friends and relatives, they occasionally crave the opportunity to spend time alone and act as though they are free birds. In order to advance in life, Sagittarius men have a strong desire to travel and gain knowledge of diverse cultures and ways of living. However, it is highly unlikely that they will adopt a foreign way of life.

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Their philosophy on life is one that is grounded in reality while also being rational and spiritual at the same time. You will be a welcome addition to your social circle if you are a man born under the Sign of Sagittarius because these individuals have novel ideas and are able to communicate those ideas to others. In spite of the fact that they are capable of easily completing a task or project, they may become impatient. Men who are born with the Sagittarius ascendant have the innate ability to perform a self-evaluation and course-correct whenever it is necessary.
They have a very upbeat and optimistic attitude, much like the planet Jupiter, and they would never intentionally hurt the feelings of another person. They will have a satisfying social life and will be accepted by their peers. Their quick wits and eagerness to try out exciting new experiences will ensure that their loved ones continue to want them.

They put a disproportionate amount of stock in their intuition, and their steely resolve is a quality that both men and women find attractive. They are very eager to get the attention of those around them. The quick wit and sunny disposition they exude inspire the best in those around them. The ideal life partner or lover for a man born under the Sign of Sagittarius is someone who is full of life, curious about the world around her, and full of vitality. The Sign of Gemini is Sagittarius's descendant sign (samasapthama), and we can observe these characteristics in a Gemini female in general.

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