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All About Leo Ascendant-born Man

All About Leo Ascendant-born Man

Author: Shaan Paliath | Created: 2022-08-06 23:22:29 | Views: 673

A man who was born with the Leo ascendant is like the king of the jungle. They are quick-witted, intelligent, and gregarious, and they relish the opportunity to take the spotlight. The best thing about them is that they care about everyone and aren't prejudiced in any way when they judge other people. They always make an effort to look their best by dressing appropriately for the situation, so you can count on them to be presentable at all times. As in the movie "King of the Jungle," they might be less concerned about their environment and, at times, might be ignorant of the negative people who are surrounding them; when one learns the true nature of the people around them, even the carefree lifestyle that one lead can result in feelings of hopelessness at times.

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They hold strong opinions regarding social issues, current events, and the human life surrounding them, and they are unwavering in their defence of those opinions. Some people may view a person with a Leo ascendant as somewhat self-absorbed and even hypocritical.
They have a genuine interest in the world's affairs and a determined drive to succeed in whatever they do. They become more unstable in many ways when they are alone, so a comfortable environment at home or the company of friends or a spouse will help them maintain a healthy mental condition.

They like to have their own space and freedom within a relationship, and they appreciate it when you give them that. A Leo man is eager to pick the right woman out of the crowd, and he is not attracted to anyone based solely on the fact that they are in the shoes of celebrities or are in the spotlight. It will benefit them to view everyone as equal and refrain from being overly selective when looking for a life partner. They are also known to be extremely loyal partners in a relationship. They place a high value on having trust in one another. When faced with adversity, a proud Leo man may find it difficult to accept and spiral into depression.

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