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Shaan Paliath

Astrologer, Founder - Feelastro.com, Author and Blogger - , Quora , IT Architect and Developer of Feelastro Adwaith Vedic Astrology Software

Consultation Services

Fee - or US

Consultation Duration - 30 Mins (max)

Consultation Mode - Voice Call (mobile call or google meet call)

Consultation Language - English and Malayalam

Deliverables - Feelastro Premium Horoscope Report with Annual Horoscope woth 545/-

Booking, Cancellation, Refund & Rescheduling

Booking should be made prior to two days

Payment should be completed within 3 hrs, once you recieve the payment link by email

A refund of the order amount is only possible if you cancel the appointment within one day of the payment date and 12 hr in advance of meeting time

No Refund will be made if client is not available during the scheduled consultation time

If the Astrologer is not available as per the schedule booked, a full refund will be made upon your request. You may also opt for another schedule date.

You can reschedule your actual booking upto a maximum of one time. More than one reschedule is not permitted and the order will be cancelled without a refund


Kindly refrain from asking for remedial services or solutions like pooja and other rituals. In order to balance any negative or weak planetary energies, if present in your birth horoscope, Gem and Rudraksha recommendations are provided during your consultation.

Please do not substitute Astrology consultation with other professional services like legal, psychological, financial or medical consultations.

Kindly note that Vedic Astrology is not predicting anything for sure. It is only pointing towards certain possibilities based on planetary positions, which a person's free will can override.

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